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John Prengaman on 12th Apr 2021, 12:00 AM

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And now we begin chapter 10! Lots of excitement to come in our story! Hopefully, you all enjoy it!

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Apparently it's to long so here's part one lol

Random guy on 12th Apr 2021, 11:08 AM

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Alright, so since this covers everything from the past, present, and some future, to the nature of Parker and Isla Grace's abilities. I really had no idea where to start. So, I decided to start where it likely would have begun.
At least several hundred years before, (probably a good thousand)a ring was forged. One ring to rule them all jokes aside, this ring was much more realistic but still was likely enchanted...
     ...         Let me explain: Back in the early middle ages some people began attempting to enchant their weapons and other metal works by placing the bones and fur of animals in the molten metal. This would "supposedly" capture the "spirit" or "essence" of the creature in question. This activity increased when it appeared to work! (The iron and carbon were fusing into a primitive form of steel) anyway... I posit that this ring was made and (due to its shape) would obviously call for fox... parts.... And due to where it was forged, (Europe) they likely would have used the the species Vulpes vulpes, or red fox specifically. This ,in turn, could have resulted in the "signature" of the fox, (and possibly its DNA though that is a bit of a stretch) in the the ring.
Fast forward a few years and spirit is up to his usual tricks and now has the faction after a part of him. In his ancient cosmic wisdom he decides to hide in an earth fox to throw of the faction, in his haste  however he accidentally possessed the ring instead. Now, since rings can't exactly think, he effectively forgets he's in there, and since it was the equivalent a drop of the ocean anyways both sprit and the faction lose interest and give up the search. And the ring passes through the generations and eventually ends up in the late 20th century...

The epitome of my quarantine boredom part 2

Random guy on 12th Apr 2021, 11:09 AM

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Somewhere in the mountains of west Virginia, a top secret organization, (likely not C.A.C.T.U.S. but possibly a proto-version) is experimenting with super soldiers. They had know about dimensionals for some time now but did not have much success improving their abilities above their original, latent levels. That is until they found a strange old ring with mass unaccounted for and similar signatures to the dimensionals. Sensing a lead, they used it on a dimensional named Sam Fox (possibly because of the name) and, suprising just about everyone! He turns into a fox! Due to this crucial success, they begin experimentation, first in the lab, then eventually outside. But here is where I think there might have been a problem...
As most mammals do (yes, likely even humans slightly) canines communicate through pheromones. Now, in my research I found mixed results. (I can't imagine what my search history looks like lol) some say they would do pretty much nothing, some would insinuate the pheromones having been enough to make Kia jealous! I'm leaning more toward the former but enough to make control over the fox much more difficult.
This causes the higher ups to move the project to Hawaii, one of the two states with barely any red fox population. About a month later, Sam Fox's daughter is born.

Eventually the super soldier prototype is cleared for active service and he begins to to work in specific areas. (Likely staying in the southern hemisphere to avoid red fox populations) But they begin to get bold. Eventually, they move to a base in Germany, ie. The heart of red fox territory. This would have likely been their second to last stop, since Isla Grace is already pretty old, and Sam dies when she's only eleven.

I thought for a bit that something happened to Isla Grace while she was there, in red fox territory, that was noticed. Perhaps her ears became slightly pointed, perhaps her metabolism increased, something small. But that would have alerted Stanley and her parents. But there isn't really any evidence. I just thought I'd throw it out anyway. Kia was definitely hiding something, (obvious circular reasoning lol) and despite me not knowing that Isla Grace was a paralegal, it still doesn't make sense to pester a 20 year old with a familial obligations not to join. But it is pretty easy to put two and two together if Sam had the same powers.

Parker's dreams and Sam's death

Random guy on 12th Apr 2021, 11:15 AM

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But meanwhile... Parker is about twelve or thirteen and has been dreaming of Isla Grace for about six years. Obviously the first sign of his powers right? That their love extends beyond time? WRONG! Check the character bios, where it describes their powers.  NO PRECOGNITION! Sure there's ESP, but that's more like sensing the bomb despite not seeing, touching, or hearing it. Not para-causal knowledge. I assumed that the government had planted it using another dimension somehow, perhaps even one of his parents. but i just didn't see any motive aside from hoping the two of them bumble into activating Isla Grace, but it just seemed wierd. Then, who else comes along but a

Anyway, Sam is now operating in the middle east, and is attempting extricate a defecting scientist and his family when something goes wrong. Both the objective, and the asset go up in smoke. This critical failure is the last straw on a failing program. The program is liquidated and Stanley is eventually assigned command of a similar organization, C.A.C.T.U.S. But secretly, he never lost hope in the project. So when deciding where to set up shop. The choice was obvious. It's almost a dream come true when Isla Grace falls in love with a dimensional. Smd with such a powerful dimensional, its only a matter of planting the ring and time...

Ok wow... this was way longer than I thought

Random guy on 12th Apr 2021, 11:19 AM

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Here's my theory on the nature of Isla Grace's new abilities.
From Parker's research, she seems to have the fox and human DNA in her cells no matter what form she's in. She then just switches on a cellular level to fit either code. This potentially would not need the extra dimension. This takes a TON of energy to do however. There's a reason it takes 17 to 19 years of food into to reach full size in humans. And Isla Grace is going from about 10 lbs to likely well over 100 in her strongest, hybrid form in seconds. That's where the dimension comes in, it both provides the excess energy needed and provides the calcium and keratin needed to support fur and bone growth. (It also probably has a bit of a cushioning effect to the bones=hard thing seeing as her description is more, "I was bathed in ecstasy as the changes overtook me" and less, "I screamed in agony as I felt every bone in my body shatter and remake themselves.") This explains why the vulstrakine didn't seem to fully work. It blocked her from drawing on the dimension, but not her changes. Thus: no fur (keratin, not cellular) no skull or muzzle change (cells but surrounded by hardened calcium) and no claws( keratin again), but her ears (cartilage, which is mostly cellular) eyes( cellular) and teeth( probably just her gums extending her canines) where able to change. And La Avispa predicted that

Interesting thing though, we actually already know that Isla Grace had the genetic information before she got the ring, and that the kids do to. And it all comes down to Beth! Notice how the kids take only 7 months to come to term, all of them too, not just Stephanie and Sam. Understandable, considering Isla Grace's condition. But they were fully grown! That must mean that they had the genetic information to follow that growth pattern. Now, Isla Grace first puts on the ring at most a week before friday and Parker finds out she's pregnant with Beth early Sunday morning. that's at max 9 days. PROBLEM! IT TAKES AT LEAST 10 DAYS TO DETERMINE PREGNANCY FROM A BLOOD TEST!!!! This can only mean one thing! If Beth inherited the genetic information of the fox before Isla Grace got the ring. Then Isla Grace had to have had that same Genetic information Before she got the ring!

What does all this make me think about the future? The faction lured them in for a reason. And with no allies they're sure to get themselves captured. And maybe, just maybe. There will be some little foxes to the rescue