Spirit - 01


John Prengaman on 22nd Mar 2020, 12:52 PM

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The new format and next chapter have arrived! There's a fair amount of extra work that goes into this new style, but there's also a lot more of a reward as a result (hopefully). The stories can be a lot more detailed, and we can explore more subtle nuances of our characters this way. Plus, the artwork and story aren't bound by the size of a sheet of paper. If a certain page needs to be longer (or shorter), it can be. If a thought or a statement needs to be expanded upon, it can be. I know it may take a little getting used to, but hopefully, you all enjoy the change!
As for the story itself, Isla Grace's arch-nemesis is back - the local news! ;)

New updates appear every Monday at midnight Mountain Standard Time (Pacific Daylight Time). If you're anxious to see into the future, our PATREON site is currently updating THREE PAGES AHEAD!

The comic is now available on WEBTOONS, as well.

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Ladyfox7oaks on 23rd Mar 2020, 12:58 AM

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Hey, is I-Grace not wearing the ring that started this all, anymore? LOVE the new format!

Aldin on 23rd Mar 2020, 2:47 AM

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New layout/design is nice. Just don't let being able to go into more details burn you out!

That said, I love how as she gets upset she starts to go fox until Parker calms her down.

mithril on 23rd Mar 2020, 11:01 AM

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I am not sure whether the new format is Amazing or Incredible. Either way, I really like it! So many more panels. Changing to fox when upset may be a problem for everyone except the readers !