Spirit - 07


John Prengaman on 4th May 2020, 12:00 AM

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Some Mom time for the girls and some Dad time for Sam!

New updates appear every Monday at midnight Mountain Standard Time (Pacific Daylight Time). If you're anxious to see into the future, our PATREON site is currently updating THREE PAGES AHEAD!

The comic is now available on WEBTOONS, as well.

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SN on 4th May 2020, 12:10 AM

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Hey John, in this chapter, are we going to see Isla Grace naked (Chapter 2 naked) and feral in her fox form?

P.S: liking the new format!!!

Aldin on 4th May 2020, 2:53 AM

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Possible omission in panel 9:
"Would you like to go for a hike in the woods with a small woodland?"
Should there be one more word at the end here, like 'creature'?

And to everyone else, any speculation on what all the white streaks/lines through the trees and background are?

Aldin on 11th May 2020, 2:58 AM

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I see the omission has been fixed.

Dr. Flare on 4th May 2020, 7:59 AM

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Well, we can tell which child takes after which parent.