Spirit - 28


John Prengaman on 28th Sep 2020, 12:00 AM

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Parker puts on his best Dad attitude with regards to camping and rain. Isla Grace is less optimistic. It wasn't my intention when I wrote it and drew it, but their interaction definitely has a Calvin's parents from Calvin and Hobbes vibe to it.

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All Charged Up

RocketT.Coyote on 28th Sep 2020, 9:26 AM

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Isla--The Big Red Static Bomb.

Random guy on 29th Sep 2020, 4:11 AM

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Scared of thunder huh? Interesting... You know with that and the "bunny incident" it seems that Isla Grace doesn't have quite as much control over her instincts as she seems to think. Add this to my theory that, (although she would never admit it) that squeaky toy had a bit more affect on her initial transformation then she let on.

sunblaze on 30th Sep 2020, 11:11 AM

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Those Monty Phyton censors are the best that has ever been!

Dr. Flare on 2nd Oct 2020, 7:35 PM

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Can we all just take a moment to admire just how sick the burn was that Parker's daughter inflicted upon him?