The Fox Rings Hollow - 25


John Prengaman on 5th Apr 2021, 12:00 AM

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And thus endeth Chapter 9. Chapter 10 should be quite the ride!

New updates appear every Monday at midnight Mountain Standard Time (Pacific Daylight Time). If you're anxious to see into the future, our PATREON site is currently updating THREE WEEKS AHEAD!

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Random guy on 5th Apr 2021, 9:28 AM

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Wait so parker's parents know too?
"Hey... mom, dad, so you know that incredible fox lady you see on the news every now and then?...

Random guy on 5th Apr 2021, 9:59 AM

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But while I'm here, John. I wanted ask something.

I've been working on a master theory that covers the nature of isla grace's abilities, how she got them and what this could mean for the future. (I started out of sheer boredom during quarantine, but then I made a few discoveries and quickly got devoted lol.) I'm almost done and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions that I came across. Obviously if they get into spoiler territory I completely understand but I hope these will be fine.

#1: due to the pandemic event occurring in the comic, am I correct in assuming that the current events in the comic are happening in mid-late 2020 and that the events from the girls kidnapping up to Isla Grace's kidnapping occur in early 2020?

#2: Did the Fox family spend some time on a base in Germany during Isla Grace's childhood? I figured due to the one panel of them bowling under a German sign in chapter 1. If so, how long would they have spent there?

#3: Is Isla Grace aware of Parker's dreams of her? She definitely doesn't seem to know the whole story, judging from her internal monologue about how they met in chapter 1. And if telling someone they're turning into a fox is hard, try telling them you've been having dreams about them every night for 20 years before you met them!

John Prengaman on 5th Apr 2021, 1:45 PM

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Thanks so much for your interest and questions!

Starting with Parker's parents, yes, they do know. It's one of many unexplored storylines in the comic. They live across the country, so they won't see Isla Grace on the local news as much as Canyon Springs residents would. But, the whole thing would have definitely been national/worldwide news at some point. That said, Parker wouldn't have allowed them to find out that way. He'd have told them about everything before it came to that.

Only having one comic per week makes it tough to keep to a "real time" timeline like the MCU does, as one single chapter will take up six whole months of real world time. So, while the current pandemic story reflects our current real world status, I wouldn't want to nail a specific date to everything. It's not quite like a Simpsons floating timeline, but I don't want Parker and Isla Grace to be superhero grandparents any time soon either. ;)

Isla Grace's family would have jumped around to several different bases over the years, and one of them was definitely Germany. They would have likely been there for a year or two, but no more than that.

Isla Grace knows of Parker's dreams by now, but when that conversation may have taken place is still unexplored/unexplained. Her internal monologue in chapter one was a few comic years ago, prior to their affiliation with CACTUS and her superhero status. She would have known of Parker's dreams even before then, but the full extent of his powers are still yet to be known, and the line between "girl of my dreams" and "girl in my dreams" is somewhat blurred.

Random guy on 5th Apr 2021, 8:03 PM

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Cool! Thanks for the response. I hopefully should be able to post my theories next week when you post the cover.

John Prengaman on 6th Apr 2021, 8:38 AM

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My pleasure! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!