The Incredible Golden Fox - 01


John Prengaman on 15th Jul 2016, 12:00 AM

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Our first page of chapter 3! We're now in the present day, and we're pretty much going to stay that way (with a few exceptions). Parker and Isla Grace are just about to show off their crime fighting skills.

Page one of chapter three. Pages appear once a week on Fridays. However, become a Patron at and get the pages a month early (and in high definition - 2100x3150).

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Brandon on 15th Jul 2016, 12:04 AM

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Alright, the present begins!...I think

txinaz on 15th Jul 2016, 12:14 AM

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is it just me, or does that black dude in the gray suit and tie look like he is up to something

Raven Cross on 15th Jul 2016, 4:18 AM

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Cool. Another fox shift coming.

Raven Cross on 15th Jul 2016, 4:21 AM

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Now that I look closer the guy in grey kinda does look like he's up to something.


KAJ on 15th Jul 2016, 8:57 PM

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Naw, he's the liaison.