The Incredible Golden Fox - 23


John Prengaman on 15th Dec 2016, 11:00 PM

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No cape for Isla Grace's superhero outfit. Where would she keep it? For that matter, where does Superman keep his cape? And his boots for that matter?

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HiFranc on 15th Dec 2016, 11:19 PM

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It's happened before?

K'ICHE on 16th Dec 2016, 12:25 AM

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From what she said most likely with some petty bad results

SC on 16th Dec 2016, 1:41 AM

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parker-"ok, i have a laser pen that generates a consetrated blast of plasma"
mrs. grace-" are you sure this is safe?"
parker-"yes, 99.96% sure"
*laser pen shaves the very top of mrs. grace's hair clean off.
mrs. grace-"PARKER!"
isla-"looks good on you"

... john i think i just came up with a flashback!

Torchfire on 16th Dec 2016, 2:16 AM

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Let me guess: The mask has smart lenses and a two way communication device.

Question (that I've been meaning to ask ever since I found this comic): Was the name inspired by the "Golden Fox" alpine skiing competition?

John Prengaman on 23rd Dec 2016, 9:49 AM

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Nope, sorry. Just a happy accident. Her name was inspired by her blonde hair (and to match her initials IGF).

Aldin on 16th Dec 2016, 2:30 AM

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"No cape for Isla Grace's superhero outfit."

Never mind where she would keep it. Capes are too dangerous. Remember what happened to several past superheros with capes in "The Incredibles"?

Catprog on 22nd Dec 2016, 10:10 PM

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Detachable cape.

That way if it get caught on something then it goes away rather then you.

Willi on 16th Dec 2016, 5:13 AM

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It is a super effective disguise to hide the identity.

K'ICHE on 16th Dec 2016, 2:52 PM

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Look what a bit of sewing can do in a outfit and the results are good

Question springs to mind

Hans Niemand on 20th Dec 2016, 7:04 PM

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How are the kids handling Mommy's "other look?" I'm sure they love it around the house and the senses, speed and dexterity are helpful with young kids.
But, children are not natural secret-keepers. Also, how old are her kitlings at the present day?

K'ICHE on 21st Dec 2016, 5:31 PM

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Kids will tell secrets even the personal ones so most likely they haven't told her

Oh look at the date

John Prengaman on 23rd Dec 2016, 9:51 AM

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The real question that should be asked is do the kids even know about her alter ego? ;) As for their ages, they're somewhat ambiguous. Probably around 6 and 9 years old.